Web3 Advisory & Solutions

Webslinger provides operational, financial, and governance services to DAOs and foundations

We are advisors and administrators who offer much more. We find creative solutions to meet the ambiguities, challenges, and unprecedented opportunities of blockchain technology. As builders ourselves, we are with you in the trenches.

Webslinger is trusted by teams crafting critical and innovative blockchain protocols, platforms, and products.


Voting & Governance

We support your growth by including your community in the process. We build robust participation frameworks across various Layer 1 blockchains and ecosystems to ensure accountability and streamline governance.

Operations & Finance

Webslinger facilitates your unique journey towards decentralization, accompanying you at every stage of the process. We administer crypto and fiat holdings for DAOs and Web3 companies and are experienced with multi-sig technology, institutional custody providers, and OTC partners. Our approach is prompt, transparent, and regulatory compliant.

Community Management

We understand the nuances of Web3 communities and how they manifest on-chain, in governance forums, and in social media. Webslinger leverages our networks and experience to deliver you a tailored approach to community engagement, deep ecosystem-specific research, and guidance on strategic partnerships.

Our Team

Members of our team have undertaken diverse roles including: chair of a NASDAQ listed blockchain miner, co-founder of a top 20 OpenSea project and DAO, early investors in critical web3 infrastructure, DAO founders, and Director of Cayman Foundations for multiple tier 1 projects. We are crypto native and hands-on, going the extra mile for our clients and our industry.

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